What is GamerCap?

GamerCap is a lightweight, easy-to-use video capture utility. It's based on our popular Capture4ME application, but with a much stronger focus on capturing game play using advanced devices like the Hauppauge HDPVR, HDPVR2 and Rocket, adding features like the ability to add user commentary using microphone audio and/or webcam video, and live streaming to services like Twitch and Hitbox.



GamerCap also has an 'Advanced Mode', which allows you to create more complex video. This mode allows you to setup multiple scenes and dynamically switch between them while you're recording or streaming. This mode allows you to add graphics, text, webcam, scrolling marquee text, etc to your video. If you're a GamerCap user that hasn't tried Advanced Mode, give it a go...it's very cool.

Advanced Mode

Supported Devices

Component & HDMI capture device:  GamerCap is compatible with specialist high definition capture devices like the Hauppauge HDPVR, HDPVR2, StreamEez, Rocket and Colossus, and select devices from other manufacturers. These devices are designed for capturing high-definition video from HDMI and component video, as used by game consoles. See http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/prods_hd-recorders.html

Hauppauge HDPVR2
Hauppauge HDPVR
Hauppauge Rocket
Hauppauge Colossus2
Hauppauge HDPVR60
AVerMedia C985
AVerMedia C985
Roxio GameCAP HD


Analog support: GamerCap also includes support for old-school analog devices, using the svideo and composite video inputs and RCA audio. There is a lot of different oddball analog devices out there though, so make sure you try your specific device before buying a license. Also included is support for analog component capture devices like the Diamond MultiMedia's GC500.

Analog Composite/SVideo
Diamond Multimedia GC500



Use the 'Download' link at the top of the page to install a fully function version of GamerCap. Without having a license installed, GamerCap recordings will be limited to 2 minutes. A full license for GamerCap costs US$30.

Buying a License

Use the 'Buy Now' button below to buy a license for GameCap. Be sure to the try the application first before buying a license as no refunds are available. A license key will be generated and emailed to you within the next 24 hours. If you need multiple licenses, or are interested in licensing an OEM version, please use the 'Contact Us' link to let us know your specific needs.

Users outside of New Zealand:
Users in New Zealand (including GST):
Version History
1.6.0 -Improved support for the new Hauppauge HD PVR 60 device
-Added support for AVerMedia C985. Other AVerMedia devices may work too, so I'll be interested to get feedback from owners of these
-Fixed issue with H.264 encoding issue with Advanced mode when used with some devices combined with some source resolutions (which would result in just black).

1.5.1 -Added support for new Hauppauge HD PVR 60 device
-Changed the way a component was loaded, to avoid a false-positive trojan report that started occurring recently
-Fixed a few misc bugs.

1.4.7 -Fixed issue where some users were finding advanced mode recordings limited to 2 minutes, even with valid license
-Fixed issue where advanced mode output would sometimes not populate drop downs for advanced mode target
-Fixed issue where specified bitrate was sometimes not used in bitrate.

1.4.6 -Fixed issue some users were having that would cause a 'Failed To Load TS Mux Filter' error message (second attempt - sorry!)
-Fixed issue some users were having with playing back .m2ts recordings on the Recordings screen.

1.4.4 -Updated Recordings screen, where you can trim the start/end of recordings
-Now possible to choose between .ts or .m2ts output files. Some video editors, like Sony Vegas are more happy with .m2ts files.

1.4.2 -Fixed an issue that could stop advanced mode and webcam working for some users
-Images added in Advanced Mode now default to the correct aspect ratio
-Speed up the process of switching between scenes (particularly noticable when large images were on the scene you were changing to)
-Added special case text fields to advanced mode, like {DATE1} which will show the current date. Different formats are available as {DATE2} and {DATE3}

1.3.9 -Fixed an issue where some users upgrade was not completing successfully, and it'd still report the old version, or require them to re-enter their licese key
-Increased flashback buffer

1.3.5 -Added support for transparency on image overlays added in Advanced mode.
-Now possible to switch between Standard and Advanced mode on the settings screen.
-Added support for streaming to connectcast.tv
-Fixed issue with adding Custom RTMP profile

1.3.2 -Changes to deal with hitbox.tv broken API, which had broken the ability to add a hitbox.tv streaming profile.
-Now possible to add a custom RTMP server definition (via rtmp url and stream key)

1.3.0 -Added scrolling text marquees in Advanced mode
-Older style Analog devices working again, including support for Advanced mode
-Fixed an issues that could stop webcam from appearing
-Fixed an issue that could stop streaming from working for some users
-Added support for streaming in Advanced Mode
-Fixed frame rate detection issue with Roxio devices, which could lead to jerky video
-Bug fixes

1.2.3 -Fixed issue that could lead to jerky video/webcam when video was re-encoded
-Fixed issue that could lead to black screen when attempt

1.2.2 -Fixed a problem with last release, where some controls were off the screen for some users

1.2.1 -Added hardware scaler support for Roxio devices (accessed via the 'Advanced Settings' button)
-Various fixes to Advanced Mode
-Added a new flashback button for capturing your live buffer to a recording. This is useful if you wanted to capture something that happened earlier, when you weren't recording. The live buffer captures up to the last 20 minutes of game play. More inprovements to be added to this in later releases.
-New application icon. Do you like it? Those are bullet holes...

1.2.0 -Added new 'Advanced Capture' mode, for users wanting to add text/images/etc during capture, and allowing for switching the scene layout during recording etc. You can see a video of this mode in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFQPM3jXVmI. This feature is targeted at users with faster machines, that want more flexibility with the videos they capture. We recommend using a Intel HD 3000 or higher chipset to get full advantages of hardware encoding.
-Now provides more control over audio mix while recording with mic/webcam audio, with separate sliders for voice and game volume
-Fixes and improvements to streaming functionality
-Fixed a problem that was stopping GamerCap from working on XP

1.1.2 -Fixed a problem that could cause Hauppauge Colossus to be missidentified for some users
-Fixed a problem with switching to fullscreen on secondary monitor
-Also fixed an issue that could lead to black screen when web cam was enabled with Roxio device
-Added experimental streaming support. This feature needs more work, but generally going. Supports Twitch and Hitbox for now.

1.1.1 -Bitrate control now implemented for Roxio hardware encoder. Previously it was stuck on the driver defult.
-Double clicking the video will toggle fullscreen video
-Also fixed an issue that could lead to black screen when web cam was enabled with Roxio device

1.1.0 -Fixed issue with webcam commentary on Roxio GameCAP HD Pro

1.0.9 -Fixed issue that was stopping analog devices from showing up for some users

1.0.8 -Fixed list of video inputs on Roxio GameCAP HD Pro

1.0.7 -Fixed issue that could lead to corrupted webcam overlay or crash
-Fixed issues some users were having with webcam or mic enabled (related to Microsoft runtime dll missing)

1.0.5 -Added support for Diamond MultiMedia GC500/VC500 devices.
-Added support for Roxio GameCAP HD Pro
-Fixed error message that could occur when recordings were played to completion on the Recordings tab
-Fixed issues some users were having with software encoding error when using analog device or webcam
-Fixed issue where version number wasn't being updated when new versions were installed

1.0.3 -Now remembering last selected audio/video input between runs of the application
-Added a timer that can be used to specify how long the recording should run.
-fixed problem where disk buffer could grow uncontrollably.

1.0.2 -Improvements to analog support
-Fixed issue where the application would not start for some users.