Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions. We'll add more info here.

General Questions:

It's always difficult to give an exact list of hardware and software requirements. If you're unsure if your machine will work with GamerCap, it's probably best to try it and see. Below is an approximate list:

Hardware: GamerCap requires a Intel Dual Core or equivalent, along with video card capable of hardware H.264 video decoding. If you intend to use a webcam, or analog device, the requirements are higher, since these require software H.264 encoding, and we'd recommend an i5 processor or higher, or video card with Intel HD 3000 or higher (so that it can do hardware accelerated encoding).

Software: GamerCap requires Windows 7 or higher. Basic video capture does work on Vista and XP, but advanced features like Streaming, Webcam and Advanced Mode will not be available. GamerCap uses .NET 4.0, and the installer will install it if not found. GamerCap requires a compatible device, with drivers installed and functional.

If you're unsure if your device will work with GamerCap, use the evaluation version to give it a try. We'll be adding support for more devices in the future.

What type of recordings does GamerCap make?
GamerCap makes transport stream .ts recordings, which is the standard for digital tv, and the output format of nearly all devices on the market. These transport streams contain H.264 video, and either AAC or AC3 audio, depending on the device and/or options used.
What WebCam do you recommend?
Any modern webcam should be ok. We're usually testing with the Logitech C270 or Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000. They both do a good job.
Is it possible to create my own custom WebCam frames?
Yes, it's very easy. Take a look in the C:\Users\Public\GamerCap\Effects\4x3 and C:\Users\Public\GamerCap\Effects\16x9 directories for examples. Effectively, you just need to create a .png file. The transparent bits of the png file will show through to the source video. The bits with bright purple (color:#FF00FF) will show the webcam.
Can I add a logo to my recordings?
For HDPVR2 users, recordings made with GamerCap will include any logo configured in the Hauppauge Personal Logo Tool. For users of other devices, if you're not using the webcam, you can fake it, by creating a custom web frame, as mentioned above, but without any purple areas. We're looking into providing a separate logo function in a later release.
Use the 'contact us' link below and we'll help you through it.
Use the 'contact us' link below to let us know the details, and we'll take it from there.
We're always open to suggestions. Let us know your thoughts on changes to improve the application, and we'll see if they can be incorporated in a future build.


I'm having problems streaming to twitch.tv. Any suggestions?

First, try streaming with twitch's recommendations. They recommend these maximum bitrates for each resolution:

  • ​Recommended bitrate for 1080p: 3000-3500
  • Recommended bitrate for 720p: 1800-2500
  • Recommended bitrate for 480p: 900-1200
  • Recommended bitrate for 360p: 600-800
  • Recommended bitrate for 240p: Up to 500

Also try choosing the closest ingest server to your region.

I'm having problems streaming to hitbox.tv. Any suggestions?

First, try streaming with hitbox.tv recommendations. ie, Bitrate (kbps): 2000 - 3500, Resolution: 1280x720 - 1920x1080, Frame Rate: 25 - 30.

I've also find I have to explicitly pick an ingest server in my geographic region. I'm in New Zealand, and streaming works best for me when I select the Sydney Australia server.

Commerical Services

Can we bulk license your software, or sell it with our hardware?
We're happy to discussing bulk licensing and customised versions of existing applications. Please use the 'contact us' link below to get in touch.
Yes. We are a development & consulting company specializing in video capture and video processing, with a large amount of experience in this market. We're able help you with the design and development of your solution, from inception to delivery.