Setting up and using GamerCap

Setting up and using GamerCap is easy. This video walks you through the process of running GamerCap, how to record, enabling a web cam and microphone etc. (There are some minor differences in the screens of the current version of the application, which adds live streaming etc)


"Advanced Mode" capture

This video shows how to use Advanced Mode, which allows you setup multiple scenes and dynamically switch between them while you're recording or streaming. This mode allows you to add graphics/text/webcam overlays etc to your video. This mode is aimed at advanced users who require more flexibity and have faster machines. If you want to use this mode, we recommend using a Intel HD 3000 or higher chipset to get full advantages of hardware encoding, or a decent processor like Intel i5 or i7 or equivalent AMD.


Trimming start/end of recordings

This video shows the newly added editing features on the Recordings screen. It presents you with a timeline along the bottom of the screen, which you can use to mark the start and end points of the video you'd like to keep. Hitting the 'cut at markers' button will create a new video from the points specified, leaving the original one intact.